Building your NFT A-Team

Does anyone even remember The A Team? That 80s show where machine gun blasts never hurt anyone?

No? Okay, never mind. It’s the analogy I’m running with.

So, you’re NFT A-Team — your crack team of NFT Commandos on the run from the authorities. Or something like that.

Hannibal — All Business

To begin, you’ll need your Hannibal. This is the business brains of the operation. Because if you’re wanting to do this right, you’ll want to be a business. You’ll make money, pay taxes, have employees. You’ll need insurance and maybe even legal advice. This might all sound like a chore — it is — but trust me, you’ll love it when the plan comes together.

“Howling Mad” Murdock — The Wildcard

Next, you’ll need your creative lead, or your Murdock, because let’s face it, if you’re a creative, you’re likely a bit nuts. Take me, for example, this whole A-Team analogy, not from the mind of any sane person! Your creative will either be your artist or a creative director who works with artists. Without the creative, there’s no project. Never forget that.

B.A. Baracus — The Gentle Giant

Next up you’ll want to build a community. Without it, who’s going to love and enjoy your project. It’s a lot of hard work, building a thriving, healthy community, so you’ll need someone with a lot of resolve and strength. This is your B.A. Baracus. Okay, they shouldn’t have the bad attitude bit, they should have a really good attitude and be super personable and friendly. I pity the fool who doesn’t pay attention to community.

Face — The Big Schmooze

Next up, you need someone to market your project. Someone to schmooze and work the room. Your Faceman. This guy or gal will get you into rooms, get collabs and partnerships on the go — all that good stuff to build a project in the right way.

Of course, there are many more roles you could fill, but as The A-Team was only four strong, that’s all you’re getting. And naturally, you might well take on multiple roles, especially if your just a small team starting out.

Remember, if you have an NFT problem, if nobody can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.



John is the founder and Creative Director at Ultra Rare, a digital collectibles and Web 3 company based in the UK. He has created and overseen multiple IP, including the highly successful Horrors series, as well as bringing iconic horror franchise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the blockchain.