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  • Founded Date 01/01/2013
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  • Company Sectors Asset ManagementBlockchainCryptocurrency

Company Description

Delivering trust in digital assets

BitGo enables our clients to navigate the complex landscape of digital assets with a connected, compliant, and secure suite of solutions.

About BitGo

At BitGo, we believe digital assets will drive the global financial system. Our clients choose BitGo because they need services and solutions they can trust. BitGo’s solution is built on top of the strongest technological foundation in the industry, allowing BitGo to provide clients with an integrated solution for digital assets that mitigates risk and optimizes capital efficiency.
BitGo’s products appeal to all types of clients. From high-net-worth investors to leveraged traders to institutional clients, our clients require the highest levels of security, technology, and compliance. As a regulated, qualified custodian, BitGo is able to provide the true peace of mind that fiduciaries require to work with digital assets. We deliver standards, such as CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and SOC2, while also working with the most trusted brands in the industry and offering clients the most comprehensive insurance available in the market today.

How we got here

In 2012, BitGo CEO Mike Belshe was impressed by the technology behind Bitcoin and the emerging cryptocurrency market for its novelty and its ability to change financial markets as we know them. He manually built air-gapped storage systems for himself and many prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley. As an internet pioneer and creator of the HTTP/2.0 protocol, Mike had witnessed the rise-and-rise of malware on the Internet. As Bitcoin prices rose, he feared his hobbyist’s state-of-the-art air-gapped solution was not sufficient for the value he was securing. He continued his research into Bitcoin and better solutions, and pioneered the first commercially ready multi-signature wallets. These early projects led to the creation of BitGo in 2013 and is the foundation of BitGo’s multi-signature system.

From security to financial services

BitGo is the only company that has been focused exclusively on serving institutional clients since 2013. In 2016, two things became clear:

  • Institutional clients needed more than a wallet for digital assets
  • The existing digital asset market structure was so fundamentally broken that it was preventing institutional investors from participating
One of the primary strengths of digital assets is that they are decentralized. Ironically, the current markets where we trade digital assets, including Bitcoin, are the most centralized markets in the world. No other asset class is traded with so little safety for large investors where the exchange operates as all parties–the broker, the exchange, the clearing house, and even the bank. In 2018, seeking to create a safer and more robust market for digital assets, BitGo became the first independent, regulated custodian purpose built for digital assets by launching BitGo Trust Company.
Today, BitGo is focused on working with clients, partners, and regulators to deliver innovative security, custody, and liquidity solutions. Security and safety is forever our core responsibility.
We’re proud that BitGo has played a significant role in the creation of the world’s global financial system, and excited about what is to come. As a sought-after leader in the space, we believe it is our responsibility to provide the technological backbone so that everyone can use digital assets safely – and that means providing the most trusted and compliant financial systems ever built. We’re always looking for those that share our passion and believe the future has never been brighter.
Mike Belshe, Co-founder and CEO, BitGo