Energi Core Limited

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  • Founded Date 01/01/2017
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  • Company Sectors Asset ManagementBlockchainCryptocurrencyDefi ProtocolInfrastructureTokenizationWax

Company Description

In 2017, tech-influencer and visionary, Tommy WorldPower conceived an economically-optimized cryptocurrency, combined with smart contract capabilities, layer 2 scalability, and decentralized governance, built on self-sufficient funding, with strong moral leadership.

Through Tommy’s leadership and vision, he has self-funded Energi with no initial coin offering (ICO) or pre-mine. Since then, Energi has continued to grow and expand through its unwavering commitment to benefit the Energi community.

Under Tommy’s guidance, the Energi ecosystem is now composed of several features that most crypto projects don’t have. The unparalleled benefits Energi has provided its community include:


Energi is the most secure blockchain network in the industry that eliminates 95% of scams and fraud.


Energiswap is the most Secure Decentralized Exchange (DEX), featuring hundreds of trading pairs, low fees and fast transaction speed.

Yield Farming

Energi offers several dozen Farming Pools that offer high-yield returns. We also offer the Energi’s stablecoin (USDE) to park profits, maintain liquidity, and trade-in with other coins.

Referral Program

Energiswap offers the only Decentralized Referral Program in DeFi, where users can receive rewards and fee discounts by inviting their friends to trade on our DEX.