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  • Founded Date 01/01/1900
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Company Description

We are a very small team who is looking to grow. We started by investing in our passion. We are creating a game we want to play, not based on a “good idea” or a cash grab as you usually see in this blockchain space. We are just a gaming couple who is tired of the AAA gaming industry, investing money in these games and getting a lackluster return.

We are looking to fight greed by taking what the corporations would make in gaming and giving it back to the gamers who made us who we are. We have led the project with transparency. Thanks to that, we are doing pretty well in the current bear market. (Oct 29th 2022)

One thing we aim to do is to make people see the vision they have to put in it. Our goal is to change the perspective that gamers and skeptics have on Web 3 and Web 3 gaming. We are currently working on some big partnerships, and moving forward, we will only partner with those who want to see the best for people and our future.

With the tools that they had at hand, this project was started by our Founder and his girlfriend. (Depending on when you read this we will have a team of studios that we are partnering with to get the job done.)

Our main title, Myths Story Of Abraxas, is a third-person open-world RPG extraction shooter MMO. After the SCP Foundation discovered a way to pass SCP-001, they took the tree of knowledge from the Garden of Eden. This action angered an unknown entity known as Abraxas, who demanded the tree be returned to her. The SCP Foundation attempted to capture her, leading to Abraxas opening realms from other universes and flooding our world. Players can choose to join one of three factions: Scums, who are bandits with no regard for human life but dislike law enforcement; H.A.C.K agents, a rebel organization that protects people from the anomalies unleashed upon the earth; or SCP agents, whose goal is to keep the secrets of the Foundation and maintain the status quo. Choose your side and help rebuild or destroy the world.

In this game, you can choose to play as a solo player or join a faction. Each faction has its own agenda and goals, and you can work with your faction to achieve them. You can also choose to play as a mercenary, accepting jobs and missions from various factions to earn rewards. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to level up and unlock new abilities and skills, as well as access to better gear and weapons


In addition to the main story, there are also side quests and events that you can participate in, as well as mini-games and activities to keep you entertained. The game world is constantly evolving, with new content and updates being added regularly.

So join the fight and become a part of the world of Myths Story Of Abraxasbuy by becoming a member or sign up for our soon to come pre-alpha game test today!