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  • Founded Date 01/01/2016
  • Sectors Game Designer
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  • Company Sectors Blockchain

Company Description



Changing the way we do game design.


We truly believe in creating a platform where game data lives and breathes as a unit. A platform interconnected with your existing game dev tool stack, so that game balancing happens naturally. A seamless flow between creators, diagrams, game engine and player behaviour.



In 2016 we looked for a holistic, scientific alternative to gut-feeling based decisions and Sisyphean iterations when doing game balancing. A Google search returned Joris Dormans’ Ph.D. paper and the tool he specifically created for balancing game economies: Machinations. Using the framework and tool game designers could map, simulate, and optimise complex systems.

Mihai started using it in his work and presented it on stage at conferences and workshops throughout Denmark and Sweden. Unsurprisingly, he found a powerful community of professionals around Machinations. Apparently his issues with outdated GDDs and endless-scrolling spreadsheets were ubiquitous: from indie studios to AAA. Machinations had the potential to become the game design tool, the one to declutter the balancing process. It would equip everyone involved in game development with a standardised language and a powerful instrument to validate their assumptions, with minimal effort.

Mihai and Dana flew over to Amsterdam, met Joris, and decided to take Machinations to the next level: becoming a part of the tech stack of game dev studios around the world, changing the way game systems are designed, prototyped and handed-off within teams. All the while supporting academia in teaching entire generations of game designers & developers to “speak” Machinations.


Careers at Machinations


We’re a fast-growing product-led company in an exciting, innovative industry that’s bigger than the movie & music industries combined. You will be part of an international, semi-remote, ambitious, growth-focused team.



We’re a product-driven team, working remotely from 7 global cities: Portsmouth, Cairo, Brasov, Cluj, Bucharest, Stockholm and Luxembourg.