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  • Founded Date 01/01/1900
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Company Description

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform, which combines on-chain data with a massive and constantly growing database containing millions of wallet labels.

Why is the platform called Nansen?

We named the platform after Fridtjof Nansen who was an explorer, scientist, diplomat, and humanitarian.

Our core values for Nansen are:

  • Transparency
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Speed

And we think Fridtjof Nansen is a human embodiment of these values.

Why did you build Nansen?

After years of working with blockchain data, we found that many of our clients wanted the same thing: to know more about the wallets that are transacting on-chain.

So we started building Nansen in 2019 to address this need, and have quickly become a leading provider of data and analytics for Ethereum.

How do you get the wallet labels?

We use a variety of methods to label wallets, including

  • Heuristics and algorithms
  • Smart-contract parsing and analysis
  • Investigations and research by our team
  • User submissions
  • and more

.. and crucially the interplay between all of these sources.
More than 99% of our labels are algorithmically inferred.

We aim for extremely high precision, meaning we’d rather not label an address than label it incorrectly.

One key thing to realize is that there is a very strong network effect in adding wallet labels. If we know that wallet X is of type A, and wallet Y is of type B, then if wallet Z interacts with X and Y in a certain way, we can sometimes infer that Z is of type C.

The consequence is that every wallet label we add to our platform can help us infer even more wallet labels.

For the on-chain data itself, we rely heavily on the open source project Ethereum ETL. The main contributors to Ethereum ETL are members of the Nansen core team.