Risidio is a UK start-up created during the global pandemic. The pandemic pushed for accelerated digitisation and an ultra-connected world.  We focus on building a better and safer Internet by using new technologies and participating in the evolution of the decentralised web, Web 3.0.

Today, Risidio aims to empower individuals and communities throughout the world with blockchain technology using the power of NFTs and crypto. This is in order to provide individuals and communities with fairer opportunities and a chance to become more independent.

Beyond that, Risidio focuses on building a positive future by giving back to society and the environment through sustainable innovation. Our projects are based on the technology that allows reusing energy from already-mined bitcoin, which allows us to contribute to carbon footprint reduction.


We have the network, skills and experience to grow a team from zero to production ready. Whether you need secondary or primary research to support a blockchain business plan or you’re ready for a full blown dev team we can help.


Our product development team are constantly on the lookout for new integrations and directions for our core offerings. We build modular web components and micro-services from the ground up.


While blockchain opens the door to entirely new business cases it can also be a complex and daunting space. We can help sort the wheat from the chaff and navigate problems like scalability that will underpin the success of your endeavours with blockchain technology.