The Best Non-Tech Jobs in Web3

The web3 space is heavily dependent on innovative developers. Still, they don’t make up 100% of the web3 space, but they are extremely well-paid.

Think about it. If you have the time and want a career in Web3, then retraining as a blockchain dev is a tempting choice. Salaries typically start from over $120,000 a year.

But if you have come here to find out about the best, well-paid, or most accessible non-tech Web3 jobs, then you are in the right place. Here is a list of non-tech web3 jobs that are highly sought after.

Non-tech web3 jobs and sectors

  • Marketing.
  • Community.
  • Social Media.
  • Managing.
  • Compliance. 
  • Accounting/Finance. 
  • Business Development. 
  • Human Resources.
  • Content Creator/Writer.
  • Artist/Designer.
  • Executive Jobs.
  • Data Analyst. 

Marketing – Roles and positions.

Digital Marketer is a super relevant job in the web3 space. You’ll quickly find that there are many transferable web2 tactics even though web3 marketing is more disruptive. You’ll also find that there’s a higher focus on networking and sometimes, as much as people pretend it doesn’t happen, who you pay. Often it’s the marketing budget that can really show how good the marketer is.

After gaining some critical marketing experience in the web3 space, the next natural step would be a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). If you’re a good networker, and manager, and can spin plates, this could be the role for you.

Other marketing roles very popular in the Web3 space include:

  • Influencer Manager
  • Web3 Growth Hacker
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Brand Manager.

Community – Roles and positions.

Community Manager jobs are among the highest applied for jobs in the Web3 space, but 90% of the people that apply need to gain the relevant skills. Good community managers are hard to find, especially experienced ones. It is, however, typical for employers to want experience on your CV, it’s something of a paradox and applicants usually take on low-paying or part-time work initially to build up their experience.

NFT community managers tend to try and manage multiple communities at the same time. In contrast, a blockchain or crypto community manager may have their work cut out for them. Their communities might be more disparate and more difficult to band together.

Usually, community managers start as moderators or influencers that have managed their communities in the past. To be a good community manager you will need to know Discord and Telegram inside out. You will also need to understand people, be able to read the community, understand the web3 space very well, understand how to organically drive engagement, know how to stay on top of all the trends and Discord/Telegram bots, be able to convert strong community members into moderators and delegate well. 

And let’s not forget one of the most essential things… they must understand security and safety. That’s an absolute must.

Other community roles very popular in the Web3 space include:

  • Discord Mod
  • Telegram Mod
  • Collab Manager

Social Media – Roles and positions.

This role is also included in marketing, but socials are so important. Good Social Media Managers, like community managers, are hard to find. It’s a space that is awash with people who are certain they can do the role simply because they’ve got a few followers on Twitter.

You need to understand the web3 spaces, relevant news, and know how to use marketing frameworks. Plus in the modern web3 space especially, you’ll need memes. Lots and lots of memes. 

There are a vast amount of social and community channels used in Web3. It certainly looks like it is going to stay that way until someone builds an all-in-one platform. For now, these are the most used platforms:

  • Twitter – Social platform.
  • Facebook – Social platform.
  • Instagram – Social Platform.
  • TikTok – Social Platform.
  • Discord – Community Platform.
  • Telegram – Community Platform.
  • Reddit – Community Platform.

Managing – Roles and positions.

Another role that has loads of web2 transferable skills. The Public Relations Manager role typically falls into the marketing category. Still, there are many non-marketing-related tasks and skills related to the role such as strategy, tactics, budgeting, managing press, managing influencers, and more.

Other managing roles very popular in the Web3 space include:

  • Community Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Content Manager.

Compliance – Roles and positions.

Compliance specialists are in high demand. They certainly will remain so as long as there is a changeable crypto market and the SEC continues to breathe down everyone’s neck. Compliance and KYC are critical, especially with blockchain and crypto companies.

Other compliance roles very popular in the Web3 space include:

  • Transactions Monitor
  • Compliance Associate
  • Security Compliance Analyst
  • Compliance Spcaislits
  • Head of Compliance and Risk
  • Plus many more similar roles with different titles.

Accounting and Finance – Roles and positions.

Although this is a non-tech role, it comes with experience and qualifications. Finance and accounting roles are an excellent way into the Web3 space, but retraining in finance isn’t going to be an easy ride. Every blockchain and crypto project will need accountants for payroll and taxes. It can be a headache.

Web3 Accounting Intern jobs are hugely increasing in popularity and we’re seeing more and more roles appearing at entry-level within finance departments. 

Here are some other very popular accounting and financing roles:

  • Junior Account Manager
  • Crypto Accountant
  • Payroll Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Manager
  • Finance Strategy Manager

Business Development

Do you love start-ups and emerging tech companies? Then a Project Manager or Business Developer role could be perfect for you, especially if you have experience already. Maybe you started your own Web2 or eCommerce business and sold it, or perhaps you studied business development at university. Either way, the web3 space is full of start-ups. There are 100s popping up each week. 

Human Resources

Are you an experienced HR manager interested in crypto and blockchain? You’re hired. Many companies will have employees around the world, and they will employ multiple HR staff from different countries to make communication easier.

Content Creator/Writer

Content is hugely beneficial for expanding web3 companies, although many short-term NFT projects don’t always see the traditional benefits. Every Web3 business will have multiple articles, blog posts, Medium articles, videos, adverts, tutorials, and more on their websites.

Content writers are highly sorted after as everyone is competing for organic rankings through SEO. Plus repurposing of long-form content for Twitter and other social platforms is being increasingly utilized.

Video content creators can make a decent living in the web3 space. Every project wants YouTube and TikTok content, especially if it is accurate and accessible. Once you have a community and a bunch of subs, you can start pulling in ad revenue and sponsors.


The NFT space runs on Developers and Artists, but there are many Art and Design based roles throughout the Web3 space. Since the birth of Canva, everyone has had Graphic Designer listed on their CV as a skill, but it is a vital skill for running a social media campaign both in Web2 and Web3. Experienced and qualified graphic designers are harder to come by but will show their worth when making brands stand out.

There are hundreds of Play to Earn games looking for 3D artists as well as concept artists and UI Designers. NFT projects are looking for lead artists, and most NFT projects also need reactive artists to assist the lead artists. Loads of artists are needed in Web3.

Executive Jobs

Whether a Chief of Staff, Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, or just an Executive Assistant, there are a growing number of high-end executive roles available in the Web3 space. As a fast-developing sector, employees are 20 times more likely to be promoted to a senior executive position in a web3 business than in a traditional business. 

Gaining that experience in a new developing sector could set you up for life, but it comes with its own stresses and worries. You might have heard the saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”, but for a fast-thinking, problem-solving, multitasking, Web3-loving, and experienced manager, this could be the perfect role for you.

Data Analyst

There are many well-paid data and financial analyst roles. New jobs pop up daily. Some NFT projects and DAOs specialize in analyzing data specifically to try and find the next 100x gem. Most established businesses want to stay ahead of the markets and trends, so they spend lots of money and resources on Data Analysts, Fraud Analysts, Investment Analysts, and Research Analysts. If you have experience and are a natural data-driven person, this is the ideal role to break into the web3 space.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking to break into the web3 space, but don’t have the technical knowledge to follow the typical developer route then a non-tech job might be perfect for you. There are some incredibly interesting, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative roles that need to be filled.

  • You might not even have to retrain, but with a bit of knowledge around crypto and blockchain, you’ll likely find that your skills are transferable.
  • Spend time looking at different job roles then compare their requirements with your own CV as it stands.

Think you’re ready to take the plunge? Have a look around our current web3 jobs and apply for a role today.